Cassidy Williams did not plan to have a beach wedding. However, when her Golden Retriever Dood was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she knew she had to make him part of her special day. The bride moved her wedding to the coastal town of Manzanita, Oregon, a good 13 hours away from her native Utah, so Dood could finally see the ocean for the first time.

To honour his daughter’s wishes, Cassidy’s dad cancelled his flight and made the long drive over to Manzanita with Dood in tow.

When he arrived in Manzanita, Dood was very excited to see the ocean for the first time. At first he was unsure what to do but once he got used to the water, he had the time of his life.

And Cassidy had a very special role for Dood to play at the wedding. The five-year-old golden retriever was to be the ring bearer. And according to Cassidy, he did a great job.

He was so happy, he had so much energy. He did a fantastic job as the ring bearer.

By making him such a central part of her wedding, we’re sure that Dood will live on in Cassidy’s memories for the rest of her life.