Wedding Party

Bridesmaid Duties: Your Complete Checklist

What an honour it is to be picked as a bridesmaid. The bride has chosen you above all others to be a part of her big day.  Bridesmaids have to take on a lot of responsibility and sometimes you might need a few reminders of what to do.  Let’s see if we can make things a little easier.  Below is a checklist to assure you that you complete your bridesmaid duties:

Bridesmaid Duties Leading up to the Wedding

  • Help the bride with any errands and wedding plans.  This could consist of ordering flowers, decorating the venue, choosing food and drinks, dealing with caterers, and purchasing bridesmaid and maid of honour gifts.
  • Shop for her wedding dress – Take her to as many places as possible and be extremely patient with her. She should feel like she has the dress of her dreams.
  • Make sure to purchase your dress early to allow for time to make any necessary alterations.
  • Put together a guest list with the bride of who to invite to the wedding.
  • Organize seating arrangements with the bride for the reception.
  • Assist in planning the Bridal shower and Hen’s Night with the Maid of Honour – This involves who to invite, deciding where to have these celebrations, choosing any themes, decorating, and any other extras.
  • Help with the wedding favours and invitations.  Sometimes the favors and/or invitations need to be made or put together, and with so many she will really appreciate the help.
  • Assist the Maid of Honor whenever needed.
  • Help pay for some of the celebrations that are held prior to the wedding day.

Bridesmaid Duties On the Wedding Day

  • Take a ‘Just-in-case Kit’: this should be filled with hair spray, bobby pins, safety pins of different sizes, needle and thread, tampons, nail polish, any rescue remedies, extra pantyhose, cell phone, tissues, make-up remover, band-aids, deodorant, and maybe mints just to give you a few ideas. Be prepared for the worst to make sure you have everything you would need!
  • Help direct guests to their seat before the ceremony begins.
  • Meet and greet the guest at the end of the ceremony.
  • You might need to help cut the cake for all of the guests.
  • You might need to say a speech.
  • Open the gifts at the reception and make sure you make a list of everything that was given to the couple and who it was from.
  • Load the gifts in the car at the end of the reception.
  • Help with the clean up at the end of the night.

Bridesmaids duties can seem overwhelming sometimes. Just keep in mind that the bride has ten times as much pressure as you do, and this is your way of being a shoulder for her to lean on.  You just need to stay calm and make this experience as stress-free for the bride as possible, after all that’s what best friends are for!